Our Commitment to public art

The Jersey Shore is a unique community of people and places which are deeply rooted in the arts. Public art is an essential part of any thriving community. It’s the life blood that ties together the creative culture with people of all ages, genders, race and backgrounds. The Jersey Shore has always been an inclusive place and that inclusiveness is fueled by public art. RentJerseyShore.com is committed to supporting public art and the arts community. We proudly feature local artists works on the interior and exterior of all of our buildings, and make it a point to support and be involved with local arts efforts of many different types. You can read more about our artists here.

Artist Pork Chop

Pork Chop

Porkchop is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Asbury Park, New Jersey. He has a MFA in Sculpture from VCU and has had a successful career designing and creating murals, mixed media art and sculpture. He creates intriguing scenarios by combining paint, illustration, and text. He has exhibited exclusively in the United States and Europe and is published in “The Greatest Erotic Art of Today/Volume 2”, “Eye Candy” and “I Want Your Skull”.

Visit: theartofporkchop.com

Artist Bradley Hoffer

Bradley Hoffer

Bradley Hoffer is a multidisciplinary artist born and currently living in New Jersey. His work offers strong and clean images that are based on line and color. The final paintings are actualized and considered to be larger, completed drawings.

Visit: parlor-gallery.com

Artist  Marcello Tomazelli

Marcello Tomazelli

He is a plastic artist graduated in graphic design by Colégio Elite in 1992. During the period, he started an intense research in classical and contemporary art in Europe, where his work was exhibited in galleries in Vienna and Rome. His work is classified as abstract.

Marcello Tomazelli

Artist Alyson Mueller

Alyson Mueller

A contributing artist to the RentJerseyShore.com mural collection, Alyson Mueller is now a professional real estate advisor.

Alyson Mueller

The Jersey Shore has always been an inclusive place and that inclusiveness is fueled by public art.

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