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RentJerseyShore.com is your source for the best apartments along beach towns of coastal Monmouth and Ocean County New Jersey. We offer various locations, sizes, layouts and amenities in re-imagined classic buildings. Located all throughout the NJ Shore, our properties are redeveloped gems and feature extensive and brand new renovations that include fresh, contemporary designs, secure keypad access with Hi-definition digital security systems, parking, laundry, outdoor spaces, art installations, and professional on-site management, and more. We love everything about the Jersey Shore! Read our community commitment and commitment to public art.

Our staff has decades of property management and real estate development experience. We are locals who live and play in New Jersey’s shore towns, so we are also your neighbors. Our residents also play and work all over the Shore area, so chances are that the next time you are out enjoying some music, shopping, ordering a drink, taking a surf lesson, or dining at one of the many amazing restaurants in the Shore towns, you will be connecting with a RentJerseyShore.com resident.

We change and update our listings daily, as we are always offering newly renovated apartments available for rent. Bookmark and follow RentJerseyShore.com to see the newest Jersey Shore apartment rental listings.

Tenant Testimonials

“Sure, We could have paid $50 – $150 less per month with another property owner and lived in a dumpy building thats falling apart, or we could have paid 2X per month the price to live in someone’s ‘high end Condo’, but every RentJerseyShore.com apartment that we saw  (and the one that we chose) was way nicer than the stuff that was just slightly less expensive and about as nice of an experience as the ‘high-end Condo’ would have been or double the rent.”
Paul R.

“Hi I, got my keys today.  From the search and sales process, to the onboarding, to the gift bag, to the overall quality of the apartment.  I’m really impressed with you and your team.  Thanks for everything!”
Dan C.

“Living in a RentJerseyShore.com apartment has been a great experience.  Management and staff are all very friendly and attentive to requests.  The building is always clean and is very well located.”
John R.

“I have been renting at different buildings in the area for over 10 years and wish that I had found RentJerseyShore.com sooner. The apartments that they offer are the absolute best available in the price range and the service, sense of caring, and community is unlike anything I have ever experienced renting an apartment anywhere. My apartment has a clean, brand new renovation, dishwasher, ice maker, parking, washer/dryer in the apartment and some outdoor space. My other option to get those features was to pay almost twice as much in rent somewhere else. Thank you very much for being the best.”
Betsey M.

“I’ve been with RentJerseyShore.com for a little over 2 years now and I’m very happy. I love the location, as well as my space. Any questions or issues that have come up are always addressed quickly, professionally and maintain high quality. The management and staff are great and confident my recommend RentJerseyShore.com to anyone.”
Kyle K.

“We have been renting our apartment in Asbury Park NJ from RentJerseyShore.comfor a few years and we definitely recommend renting from this great company. The apartments are very spacious and comfortable, the staff is incredible, we have always had a fast and helpful response to any of our questions . We are very happy with our apartment and with this company.”
Carolyne and Sophia T.

“My husband and I are so happy with our decision to live at a RentJerseyShore.com property and only have amazing things to say.  The first time we visited the property we were immediately impressed by the recently renovated apartment and how nice everything looked – especially the bathroom and kitchen.  As a tenant, we found that the company genuinely cares about your experience and quickly responds/ takes action if you have any concerns.  They are always working towards making the property the best it can be.  We lived at 240 Long Branch Ave in Long Branch and found that the neighbors were respectful, there is always plenty of parking, and you cannot beat the location! We highly recommend any of the RentJerseyShore.com properties if you are looking to rent a nice apartment at the Jersey Shore!”
Kara and Dan C.

“I looked all up and down the Shore towns at every building and answered every ad that I saw.  The apartments offered by RentJerseyShore.com are by far the best value for the price. I have lived in 2 different buildings with RentJertseyShore.com over the past 6 years.  I didn’t want to pay “new construction prices” and refused to live in an old building that was not maintained or managed well. I found all of their buildings and apartments to be light years ahead of everything else that I saw.  The management staff are true pros. Dealing with them was very smooth and easy.”
Elliot P.

“Renting with RentJerseyShore.com  has been such a positive experience for me! They run a super tight shop, are responsive and friendly and always willing to assist whatever the issue. Best renting experience I have ever had! Would highly recommend!”
Dawn M.

Our Commitment to the Community

We believe that success doesn’t happen alone, and that there are many others who help us all along the way in our daily lives, within the community and beyond, on the path to achieving goals.

Our Commitment to Public Art

We Jersey Shore is a unique community of people and places which are deeply rooted in the arts. Public art is an essential part of any thriving community. It’s the life blood that ties together the creative culture with people of all ages, genders, race and backgrounds.

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We change and update our available listings daily, as we are always offering newly renovated apartments available for rent.